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Beautiful language is meant to be heard as well as read, and in fact words were vocalized eons before they were ever committed to clay or parchment. Storytelling began around a campfire. One could argue that all poetry ought to be created as though it were going to be recited. We’ll take the neutral position, and delight in every mode of delivery.

At WLTRY we’re looking for recordings of poetry and prose, whether original compositions or “reprints.” Readings that bring written words to life. If it’s from a book, give us the Amazon link and we’ll promote it on the post. If an excerpt of a story or essay, try to pick a coherent unit. Brevity is a virtue; audiences grow restless after about five minutes.

You may use any recording mechanism you like. We recommend Audacity. It’s a free download, and all you have to do is press the brown button and start talking. Include a short introduction of the piece and a bio in first person. Be sure to save your recording as an MP3 file.

In addition to readings we’re interested in interviews, panel discussions, and anything else of interest to writers and their fans. If it’s spoken content, we want to hear it. Send us a pitch if you’re not sure.

Don’t like the sound of your own voice? Submit written text (and all other WLTRY submissions) to valleyofscribes at gmail dot com. If Steve likes it, he’ll read it for you. His voice is on the video below.

No, we’re not really a radio station; we don’t have a transmitter. And it’s true we’ll be showing videos as well as publishing audio content. But it’s all about the spoken word, and besides, we’ll occasionally play music! And who knows? Maybe someday we’ll even have a DJ. Let us know if you want the job.

Here’s a sample that includes some beautiful words, as well as images and music, all rolled into one:

The Girl Becomes Gasoline