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The Map
Hover over a building to see who occupies it. Click on the building to visit their website. If you think something vital to the industry is missing, make your case. We have lots of unclaimed real estate.

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Recent Releases
We’ll accept anything here, including The Toothpick Identification Handbook, as long as it’s available for preorder at Amazon or was published within the last three months. Send us the Amazon page link.

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Eldin Manor (League of Scribes)
Writers and publishing professionals of all stripes and experience levels are invited to join the league. Send us an email with a link to your website, blog (that concerns itself mostly with writing), Poets & Writers page, publisher’s hosted page, page (about you, not me), or Amazon author’s page. One link per customer.

Prester John’s
Our tavern. Okay, so it’s really a blog, but it’s open to the public and everyone’s welcome. If you have something you want to get off your chest, and it has something to do with writing or publishing, and you think other tavern patrons might be interested, send it along. Previously published material okay. Include a brief bio.

Kingman Stadium
Debates, discussions, and other events take place here. Query first.

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Map acknowledgements: buildings © Keith Curtis, parks © David Graffam, cartography © Stefan Pareesh. Special thanks to Wendy Russ and Sarah Specht. Location modelled on present day Ottawa, Illinois. Interactive map hosted by MapsAlive. Catering provided by Wines R Us.

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Lascaux Review Valley of Scribes Easy Street Lascaux 250
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A prophetic collection of speculative short fiction
Stunning, harrowing, and brilliantly imagined —Emily St. John Mandel
The second book in The Broken Earth trilogy
Shatters the stillness —NPR
A combination of thriller, fantasy, and historical novel
A terrific, suspenseful tale —Kirkus
A novel of dynasty building and cultural destruction
Lovely, dark, and deep —NPR
An intense reimagining of the Trojan War
Brings new life to a classic epic —Library Journal (starred review)
A debut novel about a girl's coming of age
Powerful and vividly wrought —San Francisco Chronical
A 16-year-old girl searches for her missing mother
Hilarious, heartbreaking, and true. —NPR
A dramatic family reunion, where simmering tensions come to a head
A big, brilliant novel —Lily King
An account of the Salem witch trials
This book needs a seat belt —Kathryn Harrison
An adventure into the dark heart of America
A strange and beautiful genre-busting novel —Elizabeth McCracken